Information about Hearth


Hearth's mission is simple: to bring communities together through food.  Home cooked meals are few and far between in today's fast-paced technology obsessed age.  People are craving new experiences and community interaction is more important than ever.  Hearth's solution is to provide a platform where an "experience chef" or host can offer up a home-cooked meal for a hungry guest in their community.

Whether you are looking to adhere to a specific type of diet, craving a particular cuisine or are just out to try something new, the Hearth platform has a home cooked meal for everyone.  The "experience chefs" on Hearth's platform range from professional chefs to health coaches to moms and dads who have a dish they love to cook.  To be showcased on the Hearth platform an "experience chef" has either been verified by the Hearth culinary team or been recommended by a Hearth guest.  These "experience chefs" all have one thing in common.  They want to share their very best meals with you.